Friday, January 2, 2009

This Mommy is Getting Fit!

Well, we got the Wii-Fit for Christmas and it has been fantabulous! My husband and I have been super competitive with it! We love to see who can get a higher score than the other! I hate to say it, but in general, he is totally kicking my butt! I work out during the day while he is at work, so there is about 4 hours of the day that I'm ahead of him with scores on the Wii...then he comes home and wipes my scores out with his better scores!

The nice thing is that we are totally supportive of each other and finding time to work out on the Wii! While one of us is working out, the other one tries to keep the kids out from underfoot. I also found another great support system with my new friends at Wii-Fit Mommies! They offer so much for mom's like me! Check out their website; especially for information on their Twitter Party to be held Saturday night, 1/3 from 8-10 pm Est time.

My goal with the Wii-Fit isn't just to lose weight, but to tone up! I was on bed rest for three months of my pregnancy with my daughter this summer and my muscles (ha ha, I really never had any muscles) disappeared! I'm pretty much back to my pre-pregnancy weight but I definitely have this spare tire going on around my belly and feel like my arms have morphed into my grandmothers (gross, i know).

So, we'll see how it goes! I'm gong to try to post a small update and every Friday for Fitness Friday at Wii Fit Mommies; why don't you join me?


Jenn said...

Good for you!
I'm trying to get my husband on board...I think once he realizes this is yet ANOTHER game that he can beat me at...he'll be on board with it! LOL

BTW...I love "fantabulous" of my favorite words! LOL

DJane said...

My goal is to tone up too...
We can do it!

{Let's make it SHINE in 2009}

Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

I am so stinkin excited about all this! We are all going to be so great for each other!

Lindsey said...

Following your blog now. :-)

I love "Fantabulous" too, LOL!

Now, back to seriousness...

When was your daughter born? Mine was born in May and I've been so WEAK since then! Childbirth sure takes a toll on your body, lol. I love doing my Wii Fit every day. :-)

My Fitness Friday post is up!

Lindsey said...

Oh, and that's so nice that your husband does it, too! Mine does when he has time and I get frustrated with the ease with which he blows my scores out of the water, lol.

That added competitiveness is great, though. :-)

Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

I just got back from NY today and haven't had a chance to sit down and read all the Fitness Friday posts and I'm so moved by how it's getting everyone up off their feet!