Friday, January 23, 2009

Wii Get Fit Together

My husband and I bought the Wii-Fit the day after Christmas and it was the best gift they could give our family. Like most families, my husband and I are very busy people with hectic schedules. I'm a stay at home mom and run my own virtual assistance company and my husband is a detective. When my husband is home, I maybe busy doing work for a client and may not be free.

Since purchasing the Wii-Fit, we have set aside time everyday to work out together. It has become a family event and in some ways has brought a fun competitive side to our relationship that wasn't there before.

But my favorite part of working out on the Wii, is my three year old son. He is the best audience to work out with! He is our cheerleader, our commentator, and sometimes our work-out partner. Towards the end of the evening, if we haven't worked out yet, he will ask, "When are we going to exercise?" It's wonderful to have a little personal reminder like that! Then my husband and I will take turns working out while the other one takes care of our daughter. You can be sure that our son is right there alongside of us, working out also (and he can do a mean tree pose, let me tell you!) When we do push-ups, he loves to crawl underneath of us as we raise up and he also is always very concerned about the mental state of my Mii. I'm not the most coordinated person in the world, so there are some exercises that I'm not very good at. When I attempt and fail miserably at beating my husband's scores, my Mii always takes it very hard. My son will ask, "Mommy, why is she always so sad?" My husband always finds this to be extremely funny.

One thing I love about posting every Friday with the other mom's on Wii-Fit Mommies, is not only hearing of the weight that is being lost and the transformations that have begun, but also to hear the stories of how something as silly as a "video game" has made a difference in their life. I know it's made a difference in mine!


Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

Awww! Thanks so much for the love! It's amazing to hear how you involve your family. You're spending quality time together AND getting fit. What's better than that?! Thanks for being this week's Featured Writer, it's an honor to have you on our site!

CTgirlinKS said...

Isn't it the best to workout with the family? I love the challenges w/ DH and I love that the kids are learning a valuable lesson in staying fit. So glad your son is active in keeping you active w/ the WiiFit.
Thank you for sharing!

Sarah said...

What a great way you have used the Wii Fit to increase your family time! My three year old used to get so upset when the Miis would hang their heads. Now, she always says, "It's OK, you still winned, mommy."

Complicated Mama said...

I have wii fit!! but i must say I dont use it as we intended to use it every night... I should break it out more often! :)

My fav part of the wii is the "witty" comments it makes "O! I see its been sometime since you visited"