Monday, May 4, 2009

Love and Blessings...

I was lucky enough to have a small story about my son featured (along with other fabulous mommies) on LoveBlessings website. This website is wonderful for so many reasons! For Mother's day they started a new section on their website of fun, inspirational stories from mommies everywhere; that is where you can find my story.

The owner of Love & Blessings, LLC is Victoria Loveland-Coen. She created this site and store after the birth of her twins. She believes in the wonderful bond that children and their mothers share and has a wide variety of gifts on her site that focus on bonding and enhancing well-being of mothers. There are so many other great things about this site, check it out for yourself!

I would love to share more about this site, but seeing my little story posted about my cutie-pie Zachary, is making me need to cuddle on the sofa with him for a bit...what a gift I have:)

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