Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How I met my Hubby!

Hey there ladies! I'm writing this little post because my crazy microphone on my computer is not working! This is apart of the Date this Mom contest and I'm excited to be apart of it!

Well, I met my husband Justin in high school. I was two years ahead of him in school. I realllly liked him! He was just so darn cute! Now I h
ave to find a picture to post of him so you all can see how cute he is:He's a cutie, isn't he? Well, when he was in high school, he had hair down to his shoulders...hard to believe now! This police officer has to keep his hair extra short!

I had a MAJOR crush on Justin, even though he was two years younger than me, I didn't care! In high school, we had Sadie Hawkins dance where the girl asked the guy. I was super shy, so I decided to write Justin a little note that went something like this: "Dear Justin, I like you. I think you are cute. Will you go to the dance with me? Check O
yes or O no. luv ya, Becky"

How funny was that??!!

Well, I never heard anything back from him and as you can imagine, I was slightly heartbroken. Fast forward a week or two later and one of my "friends" informed that SHE was going to the dance with him. Once again, heartbroken...and not overly happy with my friend either!

Fast forward again to the year 1997 and I was in a not so healthy relationship. It was homecoming and I really wanted to go. It was the first homecoming since I had graduated from high school and I was so excited to go and see old friends. I
had to tell a fib to my current boyfriend because I didn't want him tagging along and ruining my fun. Well, at the game, I ran into Justin. We flirted a was cute but that was that.

Fast forward again...I broke up with my boyfriend (silent cheer) and was working at a sporting goods store. I became interested in a guy that worked there and worked up the nerve to invite to a pool hall with the gang one night. He accepted and I was so excited! That same night, Justin walks into the store and he just hangs was kind of I asked him when his mom was going to pick him up and he told me that she dropped him off (again weird). So, I asked him if he wanted to go to the pool hall also and he said yes!

At the pool hall, we just clicked. I totally forgot the other guy was there! We bonded over music and he laughed at how bad I cheated at pool because I suck so bad at it! The song "The Freshman" by the Verve Pipe came and we both said at t
he same time, "I love this song." That song comes on and we still smile!

It hasn't been an easy road. My husband and I were teenagers when we met, so we had to grow up together and we learn more about each other everyday! We often times revert back to our petty fights and ways because it's hard to be a grown up some times! But we make the best of it because we are in it for the long haul!

Oh, and here is a great ending to that story: We are cleaning out/moving out of his bedroom when we bought our house in 2002 and he comes across this letter...from a girl in high school whose name was Becky and she asked him to Sadie Hawkins. He never read it!!! What a pain in the butt...

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Robin said...

What a great story. My daughter is in high school and has been going out with the same guy for about 2 years. He goes to a different school. I always wonder if they'll end up together.

Thanks for Sharing